~ 31 August, 2011

This is a commissioned painting that now resides in Christchurch, NZ.
I had the best time painting this piece, and I was so lucky to be granted such ample creative freedom.
After a little introduction of my subjects' personalities, I was given the reigns, and went through photographs to choose the one that would work best. The only governing law I had to abide by was to paint "something fun", and fun is indeed what happened.


~ 21 August 2011

This is the moment she's been waiting for:
Flash-bulb eyes, popping colours, and embellished facial features that are pulled towards her black hole of a focal point, stress an instantaneous false-reality that has washed Danijela into a primal and hyper-euphoric state of self-destructive living fantasy.

She is in the presence of her idol, her sun, and years of anticipation and fantasising have forced upon her an unblinking gaze.

Once this moment inevitably passes, her life takes a turn for the worse.
Her shrine at home no longer 'cuts the mustard' and she progresses to stalking.
After three years and seven arrests, she is released from rehabilitation only to commit accidental suicide by leaping from a skyscraper, wearing nothing but bandages, and fuelled by the assumption (as stated in her note) that she will land, unscathed, and with delight, in Bruce Willis's taxi, and live happily ever after.

Groupie's Dreams Come True (En el Sol)


~ 02 July 2011

This is my latest painting. I've called it 3D Vie en Rose (June 2011, oil on canvas, 60.5 x 55.5 cm). I've been chipping away at this painting for a few months and I feel the extra time and effort has paid off in the technical department, having reached a quality of hyper-reality which I believe to be a first for me.

The content of this piece is somewhat simple, form, background and a feature prop.

The name, 3D Vie En Rose translated from French means  "3D life in pink", derived from the song "La Vie En Rose"  by Edith Piaf, and reworked by Louis Armstrong, Grace Jones, and Donna Summer and all the rest. I would assume that a very large portion of the world has heard this line and generally understands it, although there are quite a few variations. I interpret it as "the perfect life", and this is the reason I have set the backdrop as a shade of pink.
3D glasses (combined with stereoscopic images) are a device to embellish and enhance what the wearer sees - they're supposed to make things seem more real.

So now to put the pieces together :
We can assume that the Danijela in this painting is in the perfect world, which is an environment that has been treated with additives to make it 'more real', which also requires the use of an additional apparatus to make the perfect life work. We can't see what she is looking at, or to be specific, what she is can not look at any longer, but something in this mode of life is exhausting her and she looks fatigued, like she needs a break from the perfect life.


~ 26 February 2011

I just finished another commission, this time of a young gentleman, the brother of the two little ladies whose portraits were posted on the 3rd and 8th of February. Here in the Commissions page.

~ 16 February 2011

Below is my latest commission: the portrait of a couple in Los Angeles, California. Here in the Commissions page.


~ 08 February 2011

Here's a commission I finished yesterday. The young ladies in this and the previous painting (directly below) are sisters. Here in the Commissions page.

~ 03 February 2011

It's the Korean New Year today... And, I just finished my latest commission, for a client in Pennsylvania, USA. Here in the Commissions page.

~ 27 January 2011

I just finished another commission for a fellow Kiwi. It was fun to paint and powered by peanut energy. Here in the Commissions page.

~ 24 January 2011

Below is my latest painting: a commissioned portrait of a French gentleman residing in Hong Kong. Here in the Commissions page.

~ 07 January 2011

I just found something I thought lost during my move to Korea. It's a video clip I made in 2004, with a song by Chris Knox, "The Agony of the Agnostic". Chris is a Kiwi icon, musician, songwriter, entertainer, and many other things, but above all he is a fabulous person. I am very grateful that he not only approved my project but also accepted to actively participate in it, and posed for me.

To create the animation, I painted 144 portraits (27 x 33 cm each) of Chris impersonating the nine characters singing in the video. While posing, he also had to follow a 16-mouth lipsynch chart that I engineered to allow his characters to articulate in synch with the sound track. This was my last project at art school, which took me nine months to complete.

The clip begins with an introduction starring an animated me. Yup, that's my voice you're about to hear. I hope you'll enjoy the video.


~ 22 December 2010

I was featured on Artistaday! It's a great website that shows a couple of works by a new artist every day.


~ 02 November 2010

My latest exhibition, called "Others & Sisters", was my first use of a public gallery space in Korea. Located on the top floor of the very modern Gyoha library in Paju city, the space was huge, with heaping-great walls that I covered with 40 of my works. I was the very first non-Korean artist to exhibit at the Gyoha Art Center.

You'll find a few pictures of the exhibition at the bottom of the page.

In the video below, I take you on a little tour.


The gallery, as I said, was huge. How I ran and skipped!