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~ Saatchi Online Very large open online Gallery, with ongoing contests.

~ My page in this NZ website already mentioned above.

~ The Loop Oline Network and portfolio for visual artists, based in Australia.

~ Facebook My personal entry in this social portal.

~ My Space I keep a small presence here.

~ Youtube My video clip of Chris Knox's "The Agony of the Agnostic" and a video-tour of my latest solo exhibition .

~ Vimeo I posted here my video clip of Chris Knox's song "The Agony of the Agnostic".


~ Artists's websites:

~ Alex Gross

~ Julie Linowes Firth

~ David Eichenberg

~ Hyemi Cho

~ Kris Kuski

~ Tim Lowly

~ Will Cotton


~ Art Topics & Online Galleries:

~ exhibits two works by a different artist every day.

~, an art technical lexicon.

~ offers lists of NZ artists, galleries and other art-related resources.

~ is a contemporary art website, full of great stuff.

~, an absolutely huge and fabulous online museum.

~ a-n Artists Talk is the a-n's website section devoted to contemporary artists' discussions.

~ is an annual charity art sale in Auckland, NZ.

~, a gorgeous NY flat that turns out to be an art exhibition.

~ The Wallace Art Trust is a wonderful collection of NZ art.


~ Cool Blogs:

~ Fabulous blog about art, events and design.

~ About art.

~ In Spanish. Huge and eclectic.

~ About art.

~, a blog about contemporary art with a taste for represetantions of death and violence.

~ "Curating eclectic interestingness from culture's collective brain".


~ Fun Videos:

~ (animation short, by John Kelly "Procrastination")