About the artwork

You may have noticed that the subject in each of my artworks is invariably the same: me – although this is not quite the case.

The work I have been refining over the past eight years is a large range of realistic and photorealistic oil paintings, with a subject that might typically come across as “self-portraiture”. Whilst my work technically is self-portraiture, I don't really consider that I have ever made a self-portrait in my entire career: the women depicted in my paintings are not me, and I am not, in any way, trying to document my life through my work.

From my viewpoint, my paintings are oblique glimpses of women who so eerily resemble me, and are yet so distinct, so separate from me. Their existence is the product of a long process of character building that involves a fastidious and craftily distorted observation of people, including myself, at the end of which a vision of a personality emerges. This increasingly intense pursuit of a form builds up into a specific mental state whilst painting, in which my self-awareness gradually ceases to exist.

To describe this particular approach I coined the term 'Alternative-Self Portraiture'.

At the origin of this endeavour was my fantastic, almost obsessive desire of having multiple, monozygotic sisters, perfect duplicate 'Danijelas'. But since reality stood in my way, I resorted to forging their existence in paint.

For years, painting after painting, I pursued my search for these alternative 'mes', until, not long ago, an unexpected breakthrough shifted me to a higher gear. Almost overnight, I came to realise the true purpose behind my desire: an undeniable drive to reach the impossible point where I would be able to objectify myself, completely, even for an instant.

The search for this inscrutable moment has become the driving force behind my work.


In parallel to this endeavour, I also paint commissioned portraits for which I am available.

I have also designed painted media for album covers, and advertising for posters and magazines.


Curriculum Vitae

I have a BFA from Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design (Auckland, 2004).


Selected Exhibitions:

~ 2011, IL MERCANTE DI SOGNI SHOW, Primo Piano Living Gallery, Lecce, Italy.

~ 2010, (Solo) Others & Sisters, Gyoha Art Center, Paju.

~ 2010, Blooming Itaewon, Gallery Through, Seoul.

~ 2010, (Solo) Prohibition, Berlin Lounge, Seoul.

~ 2009, Daegu International Art Fair, Gallery Em, Daegu.

~ 2006, (Solo) Self Connoisseur, Disrupt Gallery, Auckland.

~ 2006, (Solo) Egoschism, McPherson Gallery, Auckland.

~ 2004, (Solo) Paintings for the Television, Randolph Street Gallery, Auckland.

~ 2004, (Solo) Conversation Piece: Superficial Realism, Ardor Gallery of Contemporary Art, Auckland.


Known Collections

Two of my paintings are in the James Wallace Art Trust collection. Click here and here to view them in the Wallace Trust website.